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Pink City Jaipur

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 Jaipur is a place not less than a paradise. It is impossibly romantic and picturesque, decked with royal palaces atmospheric Havlies, eclectic museums, and ancient towering temples. It is more than just a city. It is not wrong to say that Jaipur as a city is the soul of Indian culture. Fusion of old and modern, Chaotic yet tranquil welcoming and hospitable Jaipur is the beating heart of Rajasthan Tourism.

Jaipur Tourism has something to offer to everyone; a colorful melange of magnificent forts and palaces to feel the royal bliss; colorful bazaars and delightfully chaotic streets full of life for those who want to explore the local life of Jaipur; wildlife and adventure activities to dance in thrill and excitement and repository of divine temples for those looking for solace and spiritual bliss.

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Jaipur is one of the best attractions in India and it's a city of palaces. Thousands of tourists from around the world visit Jaipur daily.
The French capital, Paris is surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Known for its excellent architecture, beautiful landscapes, and exemplary culture, it is undoubtedly a romantic destination. Jaipur, the capital of the only deserted state of India, is known as ‘The Paris of India’ for its architectural brilliance and numerous forts & palaces that define its beauty. Being the largest city of Rajasthan, Jaipur witnesses a large number of tourists every year, and one of the main reasons is its architecture. So, here are the best things about Jaipur that one shouldn’t miss while exploring this city.

Jaipur has been popularized with the name of Pink City because of the color of the stone exclusively used for the construction of all the structures. Anyone who has witnessed the city can substantiate the fact that all the buildings of Jaipur are pink in color.

The pink color has its own history. In 1876, the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India on a tour. Since pink denotes the color of hospitality, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the whole city pink in color to welcome the guests. The tradition has been sincerely followed by the residents who are now, by law, compelled to maintain the pink color.