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The island nation of the Maldives is popular with honeymooners looking for seclusion and adventurers looking to explore the depths of the sea on a scuba diving and snorkeling excursion. Travelers seeking relaxation can unwind at one of the island spas and all visitors should certainly spend a day exploring the Maldivian capital of Malé. The hotels in this region are also spectacular, ranging from underwater hotels to overwater private bungalows to incredibly beautiful resorts.

Top Attractions in the Maldives

Male City is the capital of the Maldives and sits at the southern rim of North Malé Atoll. Male Maldives is untouched by human feet and is the most preferred gateway for honeymoon seekers, couples, and water sports lovers. It is a natural paradise with a lush island canopy and pictures of perfect sceneries that are an absolute treat for the eyes as well as the senses. You can escape from the hustle and bustle of the world in this natural hideaway that has palm-fringed lagoons and the most calming environment.



Male City is blessed with tons of attractions ranging from scenic parks to heritage museums and some of the most splendid art galleries. It also has an Artificial Beach where you can enjoy tons of enthralling water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, and wakeboarding. If you’re a food lover, then you’re in for a treat as the city has some of the most lively cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a wide array of tasty cuisines. It also houses the Old Friday Mosque that is the oldest mosque in the city and is known for its splendid architecture.

COMO Cocoa Island

Known for its luxurious villas offering 5-star hospitality, this place is a must-visit for experiencing pampering at its best. The clear blue water and soft white sandy shores are something that would just touch your soul and lure you during your visit to this exquisite island. The major attractions of COMO Cocoa Island include scuba diving, snorkeling, relaxing spa retreats.

Although the Maldives is the proud bearer of gorgeous islands, yet the charm of this archipelago is incomplete without the stunning COMO Cocoa Island. This cozily positioned island is nothing but a tropical paradise for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is a beautiful island in the Maldives which offers beautiful beaches, iconic landscapes, and mesmerizing beauty. When the sun goes down at Vaadhoo Island, the sea waves lapping the shore light up like a shimmering field of blue dots giving the sea the appearance of the starlit night sky.

This incredible phenomenon occurs during the late summer months due to the growth of phytoplankton, or aquatic creatures that glow in the dark. You can stir up the water, and if the plankton is present, it will splash around the gorgeous blue light, creating a mesmerizing sight. However, your chances of seeing this increase when you cruise offshore. The waves break against the boat and make the tiny organisms radiate light.

Atmosphere Kanifushi

Escape to a secluded island fringed by white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, lush tropical gardens amidst the Indian Ocean. Stand-alone beach and water villas spread along the 2 kilometers long island showcase vast living spaces with elegant interiors. for Experience exquisite fine dining experiences with exotic tropical views for a memorable culinary journey! Dine-in at the restaurants serving different cuisines all over the world for Asian, European, and Maldivian cuisines at The Spice, for pure vegetarian at Just Veg, for mouth-watering fresh grilled sea-food at Teppanyaki grills, or taste the fiery spices of the Sri-Lankan cuisine at Ceylon Bliss.

Pamper yourself at Akiri Spa with an extensive range of therapies, massages, and hydrotherapy facilities blended with traditional Asian rituals and modern western practices. Indulge yourself and get your adrenaline rushing in water activities such as kite surfing, parasailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and much more.

Banana Reef

Shimmering clear water, gorgeous coral reefs, and white sand beaches – the Maldives is a virtual heaven on earth. Shaped like a banana when seen from above, the amazing Banana Reef in the Maldives draws scuba divers from far and wide. The fish are far from scared of photographers, creating some of the best underwater shots the world has ever seen.



Stumble upon the spectacular landscape to enjoy your leisure time at its best and feel some adrenaline rush while partaking in activities like snorkeling in Banana Reef.

Whale Submarine Maldives

Have you ever visited an underwater garden filled with different tropical fish? If not, then here is your chance to go for a Whale submarine in the Maldives. The submarine ride in the Maldives will take you on a 45 min underwater tour where you can see colorful marine lives that stay a few meters down the water surface. On its first stop, you will see colorful corals, reef fish, and blue or yellow striped Snappers. You will also spot a few turtles, Yellow Boxfish, and lionfish as well.

The Maldives submarine tour takes you further down to see another type of coral garden and much more different fish. The entire 45 minutes tour will definitely give you an unforgettable experience.

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